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Quantum physics has achieved the remarkable feat of being enormously succesful, whereas at the same time the physics community is utterly divided about its fundamentals1,2. One of the founding fathers of quantum physics, Niels Bohr, allready observed: "It is wrong to think that the task of physics is to find out how nature is. Physics concerns what we can say about nature..." 3. Quite to the contrary, Shrii P.R. Sarkar's microvita theory and related sources appear to comprehend reality far more deeply, but provide little if any readily applicable clues for quantitative measurements and practical use.

The present research aims to address open questions in quantum physics, especially in Quantum Field Theory, using microvita theory related concepts, so that a more complete idea of physical reality may develop. Allthough the subject clearly has certain connections to (P.R. Sarkar's) spiritual philosophy, it is not tailored to be assimilated just like it, but requires rigorous study just like any academic subject, as well as a deep intuitional survey, in order to be well understood.

One special note: unless you're a quantum physicist, and even then, getting an intuitional idea of quantum physics can be heavily encumbered by the copious use of calculus as well as complex notation. This is caused by the custom of describing fundamental processes in relation to classical waves, whereas the causality is in fact completely unknown. As a result, the whole approach is not naturally convergent and requires the rather devious craft of "renormalisation" to keep the outcomes within bounds. Add to that the utter absence of agreement among quantum physicists anyway, and embarking on an exacting quantum physics curriculum seems far from self-evident. Notwithstanding its practical successes, only time will tell whether quantum physics will by and large keep its current form or one day be completely overhauled.

The present research is taking exactly the opposite approach by proposing a well defined mode of scalar field excitations right from the beginning, based on known phase discipline and evaluating various known physical effects based on that foundation. The presentation here on microvita.com is a very brief synopsis of a new scientific paper "A Scalar Field Theory based on Synchronized Quartic Excitations and its Application to Hydrogen Eigenstates" which is currently being reviewed, and is somewhat more leaning toward the microvita background.

This microvita webpage is a stub mainly to introduce a potentially powerful quantum physics connection and will be updated with the required references, details and backgrounds as the main study proceeds. Topical feedback and constructive critizism are most welcome and may be sent to the editor. Please enjoy this "new line of thinking" in Quantum Field Theory, which could potentially open op new and fascinating avenues for physics and microvita science alike.

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2. Synopsis in New Scientist article
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See also: Maximilian Schlosshauer, Johannes Kofler, Anton Zeilinger, A Snapshot of Foundational Attitudes Toward Quantum Mechanics, arXiv: 1301.1069

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Main sources and suggested reading
P.R. Sarkar, Microvita in a Nutshell, Ananda Marga Publications; some key articles reprinted here
P.R. Sarkar (Shrii Shrii Anandamurtii), Ananda Sutram, Ananda Marga Publications; specifically chapters 1 and 4
G. Srinivasan, Secret of Sankhya

The "original" microvita.com contents and articles, apprx. up to Aug. 2016, with mostly a qualitative and intuitional focus, remain available.

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This new movie explores how microvita could relate to, and be understood in terms of quantum physics in more detail than you may ever have seen before.

In the movie the term microvita is not used, but the place to spot them is right at the boundary where different quantum fields interact in a complex manner. It's somewhat like the waves inbetween the still water below and the air above, moving, and being moved by both..

Quantum fluctuations here are moving exactly at that boundary, representing the 10 degrees of freedom of each field. Whereas the interaction is complex and in a sense unpredicable (stochastic), its underlying principle is completely deterministic and quite beautifully articulated through exactly 10 peaks constantly showing up in the complex wave.

Moreover, the principle of how these quantum fluctuations relate, is in such a way that their shared parameters could be seen as synchronized guna interactions. The 10 peaks of the complex, synchronized wave represent "guna interaction permutations" (i.e. not "guna's" or "guna-interactions") or GIP's in short. It is a very precise, new line of thinking...

Neither the quantum fluctuations forming the boundary, nor the guna's forming the innermost cause, are thought to be microvita, but the "GIP's", and thus also, the 10 degrees of freedom in Quantum Field Theory. The so called "path integral" is a formalism in QFT describing how quantum states change, but looks like it fails to detect the hidden qualities of the quantum field which could be very important for the creation of life.

A new line of thinking in Quantum Field Theory:
Symmetry breaking on the "silver lining between matter and ab

A new type of scalar field excitation

"After about 1980 it became clear that quantum field theory would always be with us. But there began to be doubts whether or not this was truly a fundamental theory, or merely an effective field theory - perhaps a theory which arises from a deeper underlying theory which might not even be a quantum field theory at all". - Stephen Weinberg

Conventionally, symmetry is broken by placing a firm constraint on the scalar field. This creates the noted "Mexican hat" potential well:

The conventional SSB potential well with its basic non-linear excitation modes and parameters


An alternative form of symmetry breaking is proposed, related to microvita theory and other sources, representing a natural and yielding binding of the field's free motions based on synchronized excitations:

The synchronized groundstate. The wave contains various equidistant series relating to subwave resonances.
The main series, containing the native geometrical properties, is highlighted.

More soon..

Counting the field's 10 degrees of freedom

Counting the degrees of freedom. The synchronized scalar field is at first still non-dimensional and neither represents symmetry nor broken symmetry, but is dynamically poised at the edge of symmetry breaking. Each single period of the composite wave constantly consists of exactly 10 simultaneous sub-fluctuations:

The synchronized groundstate's 10 sub-fluctuations,
here emphasized by the wave's derivative

Numerically these correspond with the 10 degrees of freedom in high resp. low energy physics in 3 dimensions:

High energy
3 Yang Mills fields
with each 2 spins
+ 4 scalar fields
= 10 degrees of freedom
Low energy
3 massive vector fields
with each 3 spins
+ 1 neutral scalar field
= 10 degrees of freedom

In the low energy state, 3 of the 4 scalar fields have been "consumed" to form one extra spin and mass. The idea is that real life physical system is a mix of both, dynamically poised at the edge of equilibrium, and this is exactly what the synchronized state represents. The remaining "neutral" scalar field, i.e. the portion which is not involved in interactions, is the inner, principal cycle or mode of the synchronized groundstate.

Stephen Weinberg, "The Quantum Theory of Fields Effective or Fundamental?", 10:45
Gerard 't Hooft Oppenheimer lecture, 1:16:36
G. Srinivasan, The Secret of Sankhya, e.g. page

The causal matrix of fundamental stresses or "guna's"

"At very high energies this Higgs field fluctuates so much that you don't notice symmetry breaking". This state has yet to be decribed in physics. In philosophy a similarly fundamental state is described as the "Trigunatmika", the triangle of forces on the edge of equilibrium. P.R. Sarkar never explicitly used the term "guna's", which is mainly known as a philosophical concept, in relation to microvita theory. The "guna's" of philosophy do exist however and might in a physics context be referred to e.g. as "fundamental stresses": contractive (static), resonant (mutative) and radiant (sentient). They form the ultimate fabric of creation, underlying the synchronized groundstate.

The relation between the guna's of philosophy and Quantum Field Theory could have very interesting implications for both. By introducing the concept of a synchronized groundstate in QFT, continually balanced on the edge of symmetry breaking, certain fundamental issues in QFT such as the path integral problem or the mass gap problem could be addressed in a new way, be simplified or solved in the first place. The present approach shows how a unique "Trigunatmika mode" can form a scalar field and gauge field at the same time. Continue reading here.

Gerard 't Hooft Oppenheimer lecture, 1:16:36
P.R. Sarkar, Ananda Sutram, Chapter 4

A new type of boson?

The synchronized scalar fluctuations are not the original "guna's", but are guna interaction permutations or GIP's. The GIP's come in two forms, based on the type of oscillation:

A "top-view" of the evolving synchronized groundstate showing two main oscillations.
Light colors correspond to peaks, dark colors to troughs.


It is proposed that these GIP's constitute a principal form of microvita. In terms of quantum physics, GIP's could be referred to as a new type of boson, i.e. a force carrying particle.

The creative geometry of the synchronized groundstate

The synchronized wave implicates a triad of unique geometrical properties, which may lead on to further steps in the creation process:

• An inner, principal cycle or mode, representing a nuclear, simultaneous ("guna") causal state
• A native geometry projecting a 3D vacuum (it also creates the number Pi from "first principles")
• An interactive sub-wave resonance, referred to as Volumetric (or Vacuum) Harmonic Oscillator (VHO)

The synchronized scalar wave in non-linear synthesis,
with its internal geometrical properties

The cycle of creation

The bifurcation at this stage is still partial and somewhat theoretical. Due to further binding, the field fully bifurcates to form a creation cycle:

Creation cycle based on synchronized scalar excitations. Left is the bifurcated diagram (Microvita cosmology style),
at the right the cyclic diagram (Brahma Cakra style)

The reality of "time, place and person"

Seen through the prism of conservation laws, the rather abstract groundstate appears as a physical reality. The simplest form is the Hydrogen atom with its discrete energy levels ("eigenstates"). A single primary quantum number controls the VHO as well as the Hydrogen atom, and the ratio between them:

(The "alpha" symbol represents proportionality)

In other words, the "energy" that appears to be conserved (i.e. as per the inverse quantum number squared), is simply the manifestation of the perpetual relation between matter and abstract. There is no literal cause for physical phenomena - there is merely the "flip-side" of the source field which itself remains unchanged and unassailed (e.g. the neutral scalar field).

Arguably it's a realm experienced by the biological mind alone, while having no substantial bearing of its own whatsoever.

And thus the original contractive, resonant and radiant forces exist but would remain undetectible, were it not for the existence of the synchronized groundstate.

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